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Photo Albums

2019 Fun Events 2019 Fun Events 14th Annual Golf for Kids Sake We miss Terry Sires, a great friend and mentor. We golf in honor of Terry today. 205694237 Golf Joke 205694238 205694239 Team Thom 1 Doug Thomas Scottie Edwards Stephen Leist Tim Johns Scottie got the draw on the dress fundraiser 205695356 Team Thom 2 Micheal Thomas Brandon Barrington Shaun Perry Michael Gonzalez Shaun got the draw on the dress fundraiser Brandon and Micheal are on the bat 205695357 14th Annual Tournament holesign 205695360 11th Annual Mud Volleyball AreaWide Medical and Thomas sponsored the Dirty Deeds. 205741695 VIP Tent Dirty Deeds were practicing safe sets in the VIP tent this year 205741696 Peace Love Mud AreaWide Medical and Thomas at the 11th Annual CIS Mud Volleyball fundraiser 205741697 Mud Volleyball Tessa at the Volleyball tournament 205741698 11th Annual Mud Volleyball Ready for mud! 205741699 Dirty Deeds Peace Love Mud Volleyball Mike gave Anissa a hug when they came out of the mud and it imprinted on her dry shirt! They made it to the payoffs so a little mud on the dry shirt was ok! 205741700 Mike's partner Mike's son found a worm on his shoulder when they came out of the mud! 205741701